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Keep your website updated

  • Reduce cost and gain access to a highly skilled pool of resources.
  • Develop and update the content on your web site - regularly - easily.

You might have a lot of information on your web site, but most of it is outdated. You need a solution to keep information regularly updated.

Outsource website maintenance and updates to reduce cost, achieve greater flexibility and access to a pool of resources.

We have created this excellent offer to facilitate a complete renovation of your web site and regular updates and development. This also extends to developing completely new web sites.


  • Reducere omkostninger og få adgang til en højt kvalificeret pulje af ressourcer.
  • Udvikle og opdatere indholdet på dit websted - jævnligt - nemt.

Du kan få en masse oplysninger på dit websted, men de fleste af dem er forældede. Du skal have en løsning til at opbevare oplysninger ajourføres regelmæssigt.

Outsource websted vedligeholdelse og opdateringer for at reducere omkostningerne, opnå større fleksibilitet og adgang til en pulje af ressourcer.

Vi har skabt denne fremragende tilbud om at lette en fuldstændig renovering af dit websted og regelmæssige opdateringer og udvikling. Dette omfatter også udvikling af helt nye websteder.

A recent Gartner survey of more than 100 European sourcing decision makers reveals the rise of outsourcing in midsize organizations, an acceleration in the renegotiation of existing contracts, and tendering for new approaches (e.g. global delivery, remote infrastructure management, alternative delivery models) to address the main objectives of cost containment, business alignment, competencies, and productivity. Additionally, Gartner expects to see price decreases in a turbulent market during 2009 and 2010, and organizations must learn how to quickly and safely access these potential savings.

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Reduce cost, reduce assets or improve cash flow.

Access to capabilities and competencies that you don't possess.

Improve company/customer service level.

Add a experienced quality member to your team

Get access to the pool of highly skilled professionals in latest tools and technologies.

"In today's dramatically altered business environment, containing and/or reducing costs are urgent priorities. Organizations are under increased pressure to outsource more and do it more quickly." _ Gartner Outsourcing and IT Services Summit June 2009, London, UK.

“The competition is not local anymore—in fact, it knows no boundaries. Every company has to become transnational in the way it is run.”
— Peter F. Drucker, Managing in the Next Society